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Engineering Projects: Nova Seu del Consell General (Fase Estructura)

Structures building and civil engineering


Andorra la Vella (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2004-2011
Nova Seu del Consell General (Fase Estructura), Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Nova Seu del Consell General (Fase Estructura)

The starting point of this project topography was modified according to the excavation project. In this sense, only became the foresight to excavate and of profiling platforms foundation of levels -2 and -1 of the building.

The building consists of 2 main modules identified as: Module 1: Main building and Module 2: Parking.

The first module consists of a single building with a total of 10 floors spread over 6 floors below, a ground floor and 3 upper floors.

The building houses the parliamentary meeting room and offices, meeting rooms and file.

The building also allows three hits: Ground floor pedestrian access from the plaza in front of the Casa de la Vall and dual access to the plant -5 (from Dr. Vilanova Street). One vehicle and one for pedestrians.

The second module consists of 6 floors below, where it divides the space between garage and offices, and a ground floor, which is the square in front of the Casa de la Vall.

For dimensional reasons, this second module is divided into two buildings, enabling an expansion joint between.
Therefore, structurally speaking, there are three separate buildings with a common foundation slab.

The dimensions of the plant buildings are approximately: Module 1: Main Building. Building 1: 42.50 x 28.8 m-Module 2: Parking. Building 2: 33.50 x 26.50. Building 3: 13.60 x 26.50.

The three buildings are aligned in the direction SW-NE filing a single main facade SE (Calle Doctor Vilanova) of 98.20 m.

The rear facade or NW remains low floor in modules 2 and 3 and above in the main building facade also presenting a later passage.

SW The facade of the main building overlooking the square in the building parking deck at ground level.

The facade NE is delivered against the existing rock slope through a system of retaining walls.