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Engineering Projects: Desviació de Sant Julià de Lòria, Tram 2



Sant Julià de Lòria (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2008
Desviació de Sant Julià de Lòria, Tram 2, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Desviació de Sant Julià de Lòria, Tram 2

The deviation of Sant Julia de Loria is an action approved under the New Infrastructure Sector Plan of the Government of Andorra.

The variant contains the following sections: bridge of 26 meters long and 15 m wide that saves the 16 “canas” Valira River to the height of PK 0 +288,5 of the variant.

The bridge consists of 7 reinforced metal beams of 1,3 m of edge below reinforced concrete slab of 20 cm on edge.

The beams are supported on two abutments. There is a section of 70 m long in open air. A length of 42 m long of artificial tunnel, from PK 0 +338 to PK 0 +380, with a turn of reinforced concrete.

Section of tunnel of 183 m long, PK 0 +380 to PK +563. Section of 73m of long artificial tunnel, from PK 0 +563 to PK 0 +636, with concrete back and side windows.
Section of 30 m long open air variant, from PK 0 +636 to PK 0 +666.

The section of road has 3 lanes, 3.5 m wide each with 1m hard shoulder and sidewalk of 0.75 m.

In the open section, the support land of the platform of the variant with the right margin edge of the river is made with drywall in the southern section of the tunnel Rocafort and precast concrete wall on masonry wall on the north stretch.

The southern section is stabilized by a mesh. In the northern section of the slope stabilization is performed by a layer 15 cm of reinforced concrete with steel fibers and fixed with bolts together with bands of reinforced concrete.

It is planned to build a tunnel between the PK 0 +338,89 and PK 0 +636,93 than 298 m in length, oriented almost north to south and it crosses the Rocafort Serrat in its easternmost point. The radius of alignment curvature inside the tunnel is 120m.
The slope is a constant ramp rate of 3.0% in Andorra la Vella sense. The artificial tunnels in each entrance are 59 and 27 meters and the biased branches are 24 and 23 meters length.