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Engineering Projects: Tunnel widening of Old Sant Antoni



La Massana (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2000-2003
Tunnel widening of Old Sant Antoni, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Tunnel widening of Old Sant Antoni

This is the alternative study for the doubling of Sant Antoni tunnels in 3 main road of La Massana. It was drafted by the joint venture Engitec-Auding.

The study was developed from the results of the "Campaign of geological and geotechnical recognition" for the project:
Widening of the old Sant Antoni tunnels and protection of the slopes of the entrances maked by Geotech and designed and directed by the UTE-Auding-Engitec.

It took partially advantage of old Sant Antoni tunnels for the new implementation. This solution followed the current route of the old road, except the initial segment where there are located the first two tunnels.

It gets a section of 10m wide on two lanes of 3,50m and a 1,50m right shoulder and a 0,50m left shoulder in the upward direction.

The section is completed with a sidewalks of 1m length with a curb on the right side.

These two rails are used in the upward direction enabling the current tunnel for one or two rails down.

Finally, this solution allows to use better a parcial part of the old tunnels. Is used an existing infrastructure that otherwise would be wasted and in a precarious state.