"A multi-project and multi-disciplinary team"
Espuga + planes
team of architects and engineers in Andorra

Pere Espuga Sorribes and Josep Maria Planes Obiols founded Engitec in 1987 and since then have added to the firm professionals specialising in many different fields of architecture and engineering.

Pere Espuga is an architect and heads the architecture department.
Josep M. Planes is an engineer and heads the department of civil works, building and public works.

Mathieu Ichard (1984)
Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics Engineer
- Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics Engineer, National School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Information Technology, Hydraulics and Telecommunications of Toulouse - France. (2008)

- College of Engineers of Andorra nº 203
Additional training
- Languages: Catalan, Spanish, French and English.
Professional Experience
Currently, I work at ENGITEC, SA, since June 19, 2019.

Featured Projects
- Collaboration in the drafting and management of works of engineering and architecture projects carried out to date.