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Engineering Projects: Desviació a Encamp, Fase 2



Encamp (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 1999-2006
Desviació a Encamp, Fase 2, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Desviació a Encamp, Fase 2

The project of diversion of Encamp was awarded to Engitec, SL in 1994. In 1996 the project is delivered in two phases.

During 1998 the Ministeri d’Ordenament Territorial asks the Company calls on the company, make changes to the route from PK 50 to PK 400 approximately.
In April 1999 ENGITEC, SL drafted the final draft.

The works developed in this project are necessary to effect the diversion of Encamp, second phase from PK.0+050 to PK.0+862 parish of Encamp.
The vial started at 50 m height of the main road (CG2) in Radio Andorra area. The solution is a anchored wall in the excavation.

The rest of the layout is done with concrete wall to continue with the aesthetics of the whole work, and with stable slopes with a low wall as specified in the agreement signed with the owners.
The new road is constructed with an anchored wall at a distance of 200 m and a variable height from 5 m to 22 m.

The anchored wall has a staggered shape with levels of 2 m and buttresses on each 8 m in plant. The next stretch of road is a platform built in a clearing with a length of 300 m.
The other road is built on landfill. At the edge of the embankment is made of reinforced concrete wall of a variable height from 3 meters to 5 meters.
Once the platform is created, it is carried out all the urbanization of the road, consisting of making sidewalk, railings, drinking water network, sewerage and stormwater network, telephone network and electricity network.
The list of work to be carried is: excavations located in rock and in a compact field to build the retaining walls, filled and embankments for the construction of the road.

Retaining walls of reinforced concrete anchored walls, drainage systems associated with the walls.