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Less is more", Third prize at the contest of the new COEX base

The change of location of the base of operations of the service of Conservation and Exploitation of roads (COEX), will be placed in a property owned by the Government, under the connecting viaducts in the east mouth of the tunnel of the Dos Valires, the parish of Encamp.

The new...

JOCS, SA awarded company of the new Casino in Andorra.

The Board of Directors of the Andorran Regulatory Board of the Game has awarded JOCS, SA, 100% andorran capital, the New Casino in Andorra.

The architect Pere Espuga - ENGITEC, SA, have been chosen to carry out the architectural proposal.

JOCS, SA plans to build a...
Presentation of the new Casino projects of the company JOCS, SA

Presentation of the new Casino projects of the company JOCS, SA

During the day, our architect Pere Espuga attended on behalf of the company ENGITEC, SA at the presentation of the two projects for the Casino d'Andorra, of the company 100% andorran, JOCS, SA.

The company proposes two locations. One at Caldea and the other at Prat de la Creu...

The Carmen Thyssen Museum in Andorra to the magazine Portella

In the current building of the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Andorra, Reig family finally chose to make luxury homes and a restaurant on the ground floor.

The company in charge of the new project, Engitec, with the architect Pere Espuga at the head,
It had the challenge of...
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