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Architecture projects: Residential building in Llorts

Multifamily Housing


Ordino (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2005
Residential building in Llorts, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Residential building in Llorts

This project concerns the construction of a residential building located in the village of Llorts.

The building project is a multi-family housing block with 17 houses of 80 m2, in an area of 2382.80 m2.

The basement has an area of 604.24 m2 is reserved to the park with capacity for 18 vehicles.

The floors are divided into types of floors two and three bedroom and duplex apartments distributed as follows:

The plant -1 with an area of 435.43 m2 has: 3 bedrooms homes and homes with 2 bedrooms.

The ground floor has an area of 439.93 m2 has: 3 bedroom homes and apartments with 2 bedrooms.

The 1st floor has an area of 448.20 m2 has: 2 bedrooms homes.

The top floor with an area of 455 m2 has: 3 bedrooms homes.

The duplex apartments: they have their entrance from the plant -1 and from the top floor.

As for the construction details, we would refer to the slate roofs with slopes of 40%. (47.75 m2 flat roof). And short irons were placed across the surface snow cover.

Exposed stone facings of the country (70% of the facade), and wood veneer. On the walls of the plot close to the cladding is 100% of local stone.

The distributions of the housing interior with partitions made of "placopatre" of 9 cm.

In exterior walls was performed with 15 cm brick with insulation chamber 5 +5 cm. The interior walls relented with drywall.

The tiles were made in stoneware pieces for the entire house and glazed ceramic tiles for bathrooms and toilets.