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Engineering Projects: Pont sobre el Riu Gran Valira, al Carrer Prat Salit



Santa Coloma (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2004
Pont sobre el Riu Gran Valira, al Carrer Prat Salit, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Pont sobre el Riu Gran Valira, al Carrer Prat Salit

The bill defines a new bridge across the River Great Valira height of the restaurant "Bon Racó" highway linking L'Obac with Salit Prat Street. On the street Prat Salit is amended his grade and width.

The project involves implementation of new drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, national, Andorra Telecom and street lighting.

The bridge is projected from a single tranche without intermediate piers, supported solely on reinforced concrete abutments executed in situ.

The type of precast beam bridge is a large drawer with lattice struts.

The stirrups are executed on the spot. In the abutment 2 is kept out of the stream of Cedro and the two existing pipes in the same dimension and that the current situation.

Only one lane was created for each direction of movement. The total length of stretch that is projected is of 125,201 m.

The position of the stirrups is defined from the gray to respect (14 gray = 21.77 m) and the boundary wall 646-4 defined in the project, located on the right bank of the river, which defines the position of the abutment 2.

The tube has access to the river, they returned to rebuild again, with 800 diameter PVC pipe to be embedded in the footing of the wall 1 to the same level as the previous one.

He also remade the party is affected by the demolition, pipe diameter 300 of existing waste.

The new path, meant tearing out a part of the old sawmill, running a close to the limit of the occupation by the path.

The backfill fill the walls were executed by layers of maximum thickness of 50 cm, with 98% compaction PM and made the drainage system.

Once the platform created, we performed the entire development of road, consisting of making sidewalk, railings, drinking water networks, sewerage, stormwater, telephone network and electricity grid.